Fun & Affordable Cruise in Port Dickson (Dickson Dragon Cruise)

Weekend is the only day that we can enjoy, literally, our life! The urban people here in KL mostly spend their time by hanging out with family or friends, watching movies, shopping and so on. The only reason is because that is the only thing at least they can do.

Last weekend, my best buddies and I went for a short weekend getaway to Port Dickson. Guess what? We were sailing on a sunset cruise where you can chill with your best mates or family, have a BBQ Dinner together, jump into Jakuzi, Karaoke, party and more from 5pm to 8pm!

 With all of that fun facilities I was shocked that I only spent for RM149! Obviously it’s the cheapest cruise ever and definitely worth it! I really had the best experience sunset cruising with Dickson Dragon at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia!

Book your ticket now by using my promo code “YusfariqDicksonDragon” and get 10% off!


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